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MyUniversal iOS App

Universal Telecom, a prominent telecommunications company based in Sweden, sought to transform its customer experience through a redesigned iOS app named MyUniversal. The existing application faced challenges such as slow performance, outdated design, and a poor user interface that did not align with Apple's Human Interface Guidelines.

Our Role
Information Architecture, User Flows, Wireframes, Interface Design, Icon Design
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MyUniversal dashboard

The Problem

The outdated app not only hampered user engagement but also failed to adhere to the industry standards set by Apple. The primary issues included slow functionality, an obsolete design, and an overall negative user experience.

MyUniversal app old design

The Challenge and Preparation

The challenge was to create a modern, user-friendly app that provides insights into all services for users. The preparation involved creating a comprehensive moodboard and refining requirements. The focus was on adopting a minimalistic approach, incorporating outline icons, and utilizing new color palettes for a refreshed visual appeal.

MyUniversal moodboard

The Process

Utilizing Existing App as Wireframes

The old app served as a foundational reference, acting as initial wireframes. Throughout the design process, these were continuously refined and improved.

Client Feedback Integration

Feedback collected from years of client interactions played a pivotal role. Identifying and understanding the significant pain points of users became the cornerstone for creating effective solutions.

Iterative Design Process

In collaboration with stakeholders, we adopted an iterative approach, continually refining the interface based on client feedback and usability testing. This ensured that the final product addressed users' needs while meeting the design goals.

Enhanced User Experience

The redesign prioritized a seamless and intuitive user experience. Streamlined navigation, faster performance, and adherence to Apple's design principles were integral to the improved app.

Visual Elements

The use of outline icons and refreshed color palettes brought a modern touch to the app's visual elements, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design.


The result of the redesign effort was MyUniversal, a revitalized iOS app that not only met but exceeded user expectations. The modern design, improved performance, and adherence to Apple's guidelines contributed to a positive user experience. The integration of client feedback ensured that the app addressed specific pain points, making it a valuable tool for Universal Telecom customers.

MyUniversal screens MyUniversal screens MyUniversal screens


The MyUniversal design case study showcases the successful transformation of an outdated app into a modern, user-centric platform. By leveraging existing resources, incorporating client feedback, and aligning with design principles, Universal Telecom achieved a significant milestone in enhancing customer satisfaction through an innovative and user-friendly mobile app.