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Happiest Baby (SNOO Smart Sleeper) iOS App

SNOO is an innovative creation by Happiest Baby that revolutionizes infant sleep by combining cutting-edge technology with thoughtful design. As the world's first smart crib, SNOO prioritizes safety and comfort, offering a holistic solution for newborns and their parents. The iOS app serves as a seamless companion to the SNOO Smart Sleeper, empowering parents with remote control functionality, real-time monitoring, and personalized insights to enhance their little one's sleep experience.

Our Role
Information Architecture, User Flows, Wireframes, Interface Design, Icon Design
Happiest Baby SNOO iOS App - Dashboard

The Problem

The original SNOO Smart Sleeper app presented challenges in delivering an optimal user experience. Despite its functionality, the app's usability was hindered by complexities in navigation and inconsistencies in design elements. Additionally, there was a noticeable gap between the premium experience promised by the SNOO Smart Sleeper and the user interface provided by the app. These issues necessitated a comprehensive redesign to address usability concerns, enhance functionality, and ensure alignment with modern design standards.

Happiest Baby SNOO iOS App - Old Design

Design Strategy

Armed with valuable insights from the research phase, the design strategy focused on three main pillars: simplicity, intuitiveness, and cohesiveness. The goal was to create a seamless user experience that mirrored the elegance and sophistication of the SNOO Smart Sleeper itself. The app's information architecture was reimagined to streamline navigation and prioritize essential features. A minimalist design approach was adopted to eliminate clutter and distractions, while intuitive controls and visual cues were implemented to guide users effortlessly through the app.

The Process


Wireframing became the initial step towards conceptualizing the new design. By deconstructing the current interface into its core elements, we were able to identify pain points, redundancies, and opportunities for improvement. Wireframes served as a blueprint, allowing us to iterate on layout structures, prioritize key features, and refine user interactions. This stage provided a solid foundation for subsequent design iterations, ensuring that the new app would address existing issues while remaining familiar to users accustomed to the previous version.

Designing the New Style Guide

To maintain consistency and cohesiveness throughout the redesign, the development of a comprehensive style guide was imperative. We meticulously crafted a new set of design principles, typographic guidelines, color palettes, and UI components. This style guide served as a visual roadmap, ensuring that all elements of the app adhered to a unified aesthetic and design language. By establishing clear rules for typography, color usage, and iconography, we fostered a sense of visual harmony while enhancing the overall user experience.

Happiest Baby SNOO iOS App - Style Guide

Laying Out the New User Flows

With wireframes in place and a refined style guide at hand, the focus shifted towards laying out the new user flows. Building upon the existing structure, we reimagined navigation paths and interactions to optimize user journeys and streamline task completion. Each user flow was meticulously crafted to guide users seamlessly through the app, from initial onboarding to advanced features. By prioritizing clarity, efficiency, and user empowerment, we aimed to create an intuitive and frictionless experience that would resonate with both new and returning users alike.

Happiest Baby SNOO iOS App - User Flows

Designing the User Interface/Experience

The final stage of the redesign process involved designing each screen with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that all edge cases were addressed comprehensively. From error states to unique scenarios, every possible user interaction was carefully considered and accounted for in the design. By anticipating user needs and potential pain points, we aimed to create a robust and resilient app experience that could gracefully handle any situation. This thorough approach ensured that the redesigned app not only met but exceeded user expectations, delivering a seamless and delightful experience at every touchpoint.


The redesigned SNOO Smart Sleeper iOS app represents a significant improvement in user experience and functionality. With streamlined navigation, intuitive controls, and cohesive design, the app is visually appealing and user-friendly. Incorporating feedback throughout the process, we addressed key issues and enhanced features, delivering an app that exceeds expectations. Empowering parents with greater control and insight into their baby's sleep, the new app sets a new standard for excellence in infant sleep technology.

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